The Risks of Allowing Your Dog to Play with Other Dogs Excessively

We all love to see our furry friends having fun and playing with other dogs. However, it’s important to be aware that allowing your dog to play with other dogs too much can lead to some problems.

Here are some reasons why excessive dog-to-dog play can be problematic:

🐶Over-stimulation: Dogs that engage in excessive play can become over-stimulated and hyperactive. This can make it difficult for them to calm down and focus on training or other activities.

Dogs that play too much can develop aggressive tendencies. This can be especially true for dogs that are naturally dominant or territorial.

🐶Injuries: Rough play can lead to injuries, such as bites, cuts, or bruises. This is particularly true if the dogs involved are of different sizes or have different play styles.

🐶Separation anxiety: Dogs that spend a lot of time playing with other dogs can develop separation anxiety when they are separated from their playmates.

🐶Lack of training: Dogs that spend all their time playing with other dogs may not receive adequate training or socialisation. This can lead to behavioural issues and potentially poor recall.

Top Tip – Everything in moderation!

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