The Leave It command and how to teach to your dog

Teach your dog to leave things they shouldn’t have…

The Leave It! command what is it for?

  • Once learned your dog will understand that certain things are not allowed
  • Examples being eating things to make them ill, stealing items of yours, rolling in fox poo & chasing (cats, squirrels, sheep, cars)

How do I start to teach this?

  • Clip on your dogs lead and find something they really like such a toy, treats or something of yours
  • Place the item on the floor and walk your dog past
  • Don’t let them grab or eat the item just have a look
  • Next, decide what command you want to use
  • Often Leave It! is used but if that isn’t working for you you can use, No!, Oi!, Ah! Ah! or anything that gets their attention
  • Walk your dog past the item again and when they go to get it say your command
  • If your dog looks up and away from the item say good boy/good girl and offer a treat
  • This may take a few goes if your dog really wants the item!
  • TIP: if your dog is ignoring you try changing your voice – sometimes a change in tone will work, lower or sharper. Remember you may need this command in an emergency

My dog is now leaving the items I’m using:

  • If your dog is starting to leave the items you are asking them to leave then its time to find more interesting things, cheese or ham etc

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