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Are you looking for dog training courses and classes that suit you and your dog at a location convenient to you?

We offer a wide range of training suitable for all breeds and ages. Puppy classes including the chance to socialise them, general obedience and gundog training. Private tuition or small groups, its up to you.

Our aim is to help you to have a well adjusted dog that is a pleasure to own. Using positive methods and behavioural techniques we will give you the confidence and enthusiasm to meet your goals.

Keith Fallon Accredited Trainers & Behaviourists

Accredited Trainers & Behaviours have worked alongside Keith and undertaken his training program before becoming accredited. They continue to receive Keith's full support and backing and work to his standards.

  • Grahame

    I decided that with all the miles l was walking that a companion would be a bonus. A companion of the four legged variety that would enjoy my company and l could train as a gun dog. I’ve been on many shoots in the past and marvelled at the work of the owners and their dogs. I also knew l wanted a bitch and was convinced as to the breed l was going for. However before l took the plunge l decided to look up a gun dog trainer on the internet and came across Keith Fallon, who web page ticked all my boxes, so l gave him a call. He was excellent and asked me a lot of questions, some l had not considered so we arranged to meet up to discuss the whole scenario. I now know that meeting was vital in discussing what l wanted to do, the commitment that would go … View More

  • James Walker

    We recently rescued a badly treated Golden Retriever from Northern Ireland. He was incredibly nervous which turned into aggression with other dogs. Furthermore he began to chase both sheep and cattle and we were not able to let him off the lead at any time. We began to worry that we had really "bitten off more than we could chew". Luckily a friend suggested Keith and I booked 6 lessons after he visited our house for an initial consultation. I cannot believe the change in our dog over such a short period of time.... he returns to the whistle, changes directions to the whistle and has lost most of his nervous disposition. Although we have been dog owners for many years Keith gave us the confidence and techniques to enable our damaged dog to blossom into a normal bubbly Golden Retriever. … View More

  • Una Mills

    Having been round the loop of puppy classes in village halls and discovering that this was not a good fit for my excitable, energetic Hungarian Vizsla, it was a breath of fresh air to discover Cotswold Pet Services and Keith Fallon in particular. Keith is a trainer extraordinaire. If you can think of it - he's probably trained it! For me having a trainer that really understood my breed of dog was invaluable and has proven to be our road to success. Keith is patient, listens to the issues you are trying to address with your dog and tailors the training to your needs and more importantly to your dog's needs. We train 1:1 and it's just great. Basically, if you do what Keith suggests, if you are honest with how you interact with your dog and practice his suggestions you WILL see results. … View More

  • Margot Huyghe

    At first we thought as a belgian family training your dog in the uk (while on holiday) was a silly thing to do but already from the first lesson we realised it had been a wise decision. Springers are rare to find in belgium and as they have a bit af an odd character, here at two dog school they couldn't really help us. We were a bit desperate (as some other owners of Springers we know were too). In the meantime Mira is doing very well: the whistle training works most of the time. There are still some challenges but we are working on it. And it is a real pleasure to go walking on the leash. For the first time we ánd Mira are enjoying it . She also had some skin problems and the ayurvedia which you gave is really working. We wanted to thank you again … View More

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