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Are you looking for dog training courses and classes that suit you and your dog at a location convenient to you?

We offer a wide range of training suitable for all breeds and ages. Puppy classes including the chance to socialise them, general obedience and gundog training. Private tuition or small groups, its up to you.

Our aim is to help you to have a well adjusted dog that is a pleasure to own. Using positive methods and behavioural techniques we will give you the confidence and enthusiasm to meet your goals.

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Your Pet, Your Allergy And You

Your Pet, Your Allergy And You Over 20% of the UK’s population is affected by an allergic condition, according to data presented by Allergy UK, and pet allergies are a common complaint. For those of us affected, an allergic reaction is produced when the immune system...

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Happy Home For Christmas: Keeping It A Haven For Your Pet

Without precaution, Christmas time can cause problems at home for you and your pets. In the UK 5.5 million pet owners unknowingly feed their beloved pets toxic food at Christmas time alone. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to go about being festive during...

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Fallon’s Dog Food Guide

Fallon’s Dog Food Guide

"a good diet is the key to good training"  Keith Fallon - Master Dog Trainer & Canine Behaviourist Fallons Puppy & Mature Range Premium Puppy A high quality Premium Puppy food suitable for all breeds. Up to 6 months Features: 30% Protein (chicken & fish)...

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Keith Fallon Accredited Trainers & Behaviourists

Accredited Trainers & Behaviours have worked alongside Keith and undertaken his training program before becoming accredited. They continue to receive Keith’s full support and backing and work to his standards.