Livestock Worrying Course For Dogs

Train your dog not to chase or kill livestock

Average Cost £300 (dependant on how your dog responds)

Our livestock course for dogs has been running for some years now to help address the problem of dogs that chase, injure or kill sheep, cows or horses.

Sadly, there are more and more cases of dogs attacking sheep or horses often with dire consequences for dog and owner. Farmers can and will protect their stock or will prosecute an owner for loss of animals. The Law and Dogs that chase Livestock

We have intervened in court cases where owners have been prosecuted when their dogs have attacked horses or livestock.

Often dog owners find out too late that their dog will chase sheep or even see them as food.

There is also a misconception that the owners of these dogs are irresponsible owners of large aggressive breeds, not so. We have seen some serious cases involving spaniels, poodle crosses such as labradoodles and golden doodles, some rescue breeds and terriers.

The Livestock worrying course for dogs in more detail:

  • Assessment of the problem if a problem has arisen
  • Assess the dogs level of training (recall, leave it, stay)
  • See how the dog reacts to the training sheep
  • Decide on a course of action moving forward depending on the severity of the problem

Training Methods:

We are members of The Guild of Dog Trainers and also the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association

The Fido-Fax our book on Training and Behaviour is recommended to get the most out of the training courses. The Fido-Fax is a collaboration between Keith Fallon, Master Trainer and owner of Cotswold Pet Services and Nadine Carr long time canine trainer and behaviourist. The book covers a wide range of topics including behaviour issues and practical training exercises.