Country Training

Training courses including small groups or individual tuition for shooting work, trials or tests.

Keith Fallon has a wealth of knowledge and experience in training working dogs for sport or competition.

The Gundog Training in more detail:

  • Training for obedience in the field, including heelwork, Sit/Stay & Recall
  • Distance control, hunting and stopping
  • Retrieving and Finding (Lost, Seek)
  • Drop to shot where applicable
  • Steadiness to thrown objects and working around distractions
  • Specialised training can be accommodated such as for Spring Pointing or Working Tests
  • Working with the dummy launcher and cold game if required
  • Excellent training facilities including steadying areas, varied terrain and cover
  • All breeds and levels welcome

Training Methods:

  • Using our Common Sense style of training using positive reinforcement
  • Private  1 to 1
  • We do not use harsh methods and aim to produce well trained steady gundogs through patience, rewarding (praise & food) and gentle corrections
  • Training to the whistle