The importance of teaching Stay/Wait to your dog

Why working on Stay/Wait is so important for your dog #

Stay or Wait? An explanation of these often misunderstood commands


  • You are simply asking your dog to stay where they are
  • You always go back to your dog when using Stay

Useful for:

  • You are outside and you want your dog to stay put if there are distractions around (other dogs, wildlife, livestock) or you want to open your car boot or house front door without your dog disappearing off.
  • Stay in their bed
  • In pubs or cafes


  • This time you are asking your dog to stay where they are  until you ask them to do something (some kind of action)

Useful for:

  • Your dog is ahead of you on a walk and you want them to wait
  • Wait before gates or doors
  • Wait before eating(useful for behaviour)
  • Wait to fetch the ball
  • Wait before being called

Some other little known benefits of Stay & Wait & Improving these commands

  • As important as Recall for your dog as you can prevent a chase situation or your dog running up to people/other dogs
  • Practising this exercise for short 5 minute bursts will teach your dog to focus on you and away from other distractions
  • Aim to increase both the distance and time when improving Stay & Wait
  • Mix up the two command so that your will not start “second guessing” what you are about to do and will wait for you.
  • Practise these two exercises in different locations and include distractions such as other dogs, wildlife and so on.

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