Canine Country Etiquette Training

The Canine Country Etiquette course was designed by Keith Fallon following increased dog incidents involving livestock, wildlife and game birds in rural areas.

The course was featured on BBC Countryfile.

Canine Country Etiquette Training in more detail:

  • Increasing dog owners awareness of the countryside and the potential problems when walking their dog. This includes understanding more about farming practices, land ownership and management and penalties for dog owners
  • Assessing the dog’s level of training and putting together a plan geared towards country walks
  • Teaching the owner how to control their dog around livestock and horses
  • Teaching distance control techniques (getting the dog to stop and wait)
  • Using distraction methods such as retrieving or games such as Find It!
  • Use of the whistle
  • Off lead heeling

Training Methods:

The branches at Gloucestershire & Oxfordshire have excellent training facilities and at Oxfordshire a small flock of sheep

There is a separate sheep worrying course available

Our trainers have a wide range of breed knowledge and welcome all breeds large and small into the classes

Dog owners will always receive the best attention and feel comfortable when training with Cotswold Pet Services Ltd

We are members of The Guild of Dog Trainers and also the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association

The Fido-Fax our book on Training and Behaviour is recommended to get the most out of the training courses.  The Fido-Fax is a collaboration between Keith Fallon, Master Trainer and owner of Cotswold Pet and Nadine Carr long time canine trainer and behaviourist. The book covers a wide range of topics including behaviour issues and practical training exercises.