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Puppy Training & Socialisation Classes


                    Keith Fallon - Master Trainer                           Simon Johnson - Senior Trainer



All classes and private lessons are still going ahead at the moment however so that we all keep safe:

  • We need to practice keeping a safe distance from each other
  • Please bring along your own hand gel 
  • We wouldn't expect you to come along if you are unwell or feel unwell
  • Cotswold Pet Services operates independently of Chedworth Farm Shop who will be following their own safety measures
  • If you don't feel comfortable coming along that is fine and we are offering free practice exercises for you to follow home

Puppy Foundation Training (For dogs up to 6 months) Book Online

New! Advanced Puppy (moving on from the Foundation course)  Book Online

Cost for 6 sessions is £85.00 for either class


Puppy Foundation - Saturdays - 10:15 & Tuesdays 10:15 

Advanced Puppy - Saturdays 11:30 


Chedworth Farm Shop, Fields Rd, Chedworth, Gloucestershire.GL54 4NQ


The Puppy Foundation in more detail:

  • Basic commands such as Sit, Stay/Wait, Heel, Recall, Fun & Games (fetch, find), Leave
  • Advice on jumping up and biting /chewing
  • Increasing the owner/puppy bond
  • Off lead run around under the trainer’s supervision.
  • Great chance to socialise your puppy.
  • Handling your puppy, feeding, home life, starting on the right track with behaviour at home.
  • Dog equipment including leads, toys and whistles
  • Home life and how it can affect training


The Advanced Puppy Class in more detail:

  • Learn new commands and exercises
  • Improving: Heelwork, Recall and Distance Control
  • Preparing for the adolescent dog
  • Retrieving
  • Much more!

Our training methods:

  • We encourage as much owner participation as possible to benefit from the training
  • Families welcome (and encouraged)
  • Increasing the owners understanding of their particular dog and breed
  • Positive training methods with gentle corrections. What we call a common-sense approach
  • We do not use harsh physical methods or shouting
  • Information on rewarding your dog the do’s and don’ts
  • Games to increase mental stimulation and avoid boredom
  • Short exercises changing frequently to avoid boredom and increase memory

Our trainers have a wide range of breed knowledge and welcome all breeds large and small into the classes


We are members of The Guild of Dog Trainers and also the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association