Older Dog Obedience Training

Older Dog Obedience Training (6 months upwards) Book Online

 £99 for 6 x 1 Hour Sessions

Wednesdays at 12

Chedworth Farm Shop, Fields Rd, Chedworth. GL54 4NQ

This course is designed for dogs 6 months and above who have either completed the Puppy Foundation, need to continue training after attending other classes or need a refresher course.

Often from 6 months onwards your training can go a little “backwards” as your dog grows up and becomes more confident. Training is needed more than ever during his growing up phase to reduce the likelihood of problems such as poor recall, poor walk to heel and a host of other issues.

The Junior Training in more detail:

  • Reinforcing the basic commands and introducing new ones to combat problems such as running up to other dogs and people, chasing or recall issues
  • Looking at the dog/owner bond
  • Working on games such as fetch and find as a distraction and for mental stimulation
  • Increasing distances for command such as Stay, Wait or Recall
  • How to gain a more attentive dog and to leave distractions

Training Methods:

Our trainers have a wide range of breed knowledge and welcome all breeds large and small into the classes

We are members of The Guild of Dog Trainers and also the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association