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New natural solution to Ticks

New natural solution to Ticks

Ticks, fleas and mites are every dog owners nightmare. Ticks in particular can be a problem when your dog has been running in areas where there may have been sheep or deer. Ticks can latch on to any area of your dog, burrow in and cause distress.

What are ticks?

Ticks are related to spiders, mites and scorpions. There are many different species of tick living in Britain, each preferring to feed on the blood of different animals. The one most likely to bite humans in Britain is the Sheep tick. Despite its name, the sheep tick will feed from a wide variety of mammals and birds. Bites from other ticks are possible, including from the Hedgehog tick, and the Fox or Badger tick.

Of course the other concern with ticks is the risk of Lymes disease to humans.

If you find your regular vet prescribed tick product is not working or you don't really like putting chemicals onto your dog then give NO TICK! a try.

Naturally formulated to kill ticks, fleas& mites NO TICK! uses a powerful combination of natural ingredients including Bio-Flavanoids and Grapefruit.