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  • Richard and Becky

    We’ve been taking our 10 month old Springer, Juno, to Keith since she was 5 months old. The training has been a hugely enjoyable way of monitoring and enhancing her development. Since the first session Keith has offered practical solutions to immediate concerns. Keith adopts a synthetic approach to drawn from clear experience with many different dogs and different owners. By no means have we received the “Spaniel Training Package”, but rather the training that best meets Juno’s temperament and our desired outputs. The training environment that Keith has is perfect for her breed as it is outside in a country setting and much more like the scenarios in which we would put her training to the test. Consequently Juno is maturing into an adult dog with virtually no issues with behaviour and control. We can now feel confident that we are able to control Juno off the lead and at distance. By no means is she the finished article but the progress has been steady and a delight to watch. Keith is also a great source of advice with our 4 year old rescue Border Collie who has improved greatly in behavioural terms. One of the key recommendations Keith made was for Salters dog food. Both dogs have visibly improved in appearance, energy and temperament. In the case of the Collie, the vet commented on the quality of his condition on his last visit.

  • Andy & Tracy

    This is Fynn our 2 year old Springer Spaniel. We had worked with a couple of trainers as we were having trouble with Fynn’s recall. I say trouble, basically he wasn’t listening to us and would not come back and would run around for at least 40 minutes chasing birds or anything else that moved! We didn’t feel the previous trainers were engaged with us and we weren’t making any progress with Fynn. Then we found Keith – all I can say is thank goodness we found Keith! I do not know where we would be now without Keith’s help and training. Keith did an assessment in March 2013 and we had to go right back to basics. Keith introduced us to whistle training. We practised the whistle in the home and in the garden in between training sessions. I will admit Fynn was difficult to train as he was a year old when we met Keith and as we had had so many instances of him not coming back off the lead we did not let him off. Keith gave us the confidence to use a long training lead so we could let him run but have the safety of knowing we could grab the lead if needed. We had fortnightly sessions and every session was different, Fynn enjoyed the training and was always exhausted after the session so it gave us a quiet afternoon! Now a whole year on Fynn is off lead, yes he still likes to chase the birds but he comes back when we whistle. To see him running around is just great and having the confidence in him to come back makes the walks so much more relaxing and enjoyable for us all. My advice to anyone who has experienced similar problems to us is listen to Keith, practice what he teaches you in your training session. It will not happen overnight it does take a lot of your time and you have to be patient but it is all worth it. We have compliments from other Springer owners now to say how well behaved Fynn is. I did not imagine that would ever happen! Tracy and Andy Eales and Fynn!

  • Fiona

    I just want to say how pleased I was to find Keith – he really is a life saver – before our week with Keith, my walks with our 18 month labrador were unenjoyable, unfulfilling and I felt we never walked together! However, all changed, we now walk together, she respond’s and both of us enjoy the challenge of continuing the good work that Keith put in. I have no hesitation of recommending the weeks boarding school to anyone!

  • Coco (working cocker)

    Coco was superb on the shoot, she picked up about 20 birds, she found the cock birds quite heavy but she was brilliant. When we had finished the last drive before lunch and everyone was going back to the land rovers all the dogs were going home I could not find Coco, I whistled for her and suddenly she burst out of the woods carrying a Ben pheasant in her mouth, she got the one that no one could find! I was so proud of her. The only thing that needs just perfecting is her bringing them back to me, but on the whole she is great, also her patience at the peg, she does get very excited. Never mind she was terrific for her first outing and has been asked back and we hope to go in January.

  • Keith F

    I have used Salters foods for some time now both with my own dogs and in my day to day work as a behaviourist and trainer. My own dogs have never been in better condition. I recommend Salters for behavioural problems, skin & coat issues,allergies or digestive problems. One area which many people struggle to cope with is when their dogs eat their own faeces. I have successfully treated several dogs with this condition simply by switching to Salters.