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Home Visits

Keith Fallon Dog Trainer
Keith Fallon


Keith Fallon  ACFBA and Master Trainer MoGDT (Guild of Dog Trainers)

The 6 Most Common Dog Problems I see regularly

  • Pulling on the lead
  • Jumping Up - the owner, visitors (at home or outdoors)
  • Recall - not coming back when called. Distracted by other dogs, people or interesting smells.
  • Attention Seeking and Stealing (food, owners possessions)
  • Separation Issues (barking, howling, destructive behaviour)
  • Resource Guarding

The Home Visit

A 2 Hour visit to talk through your problems, observe your dog in their home environment and leave you with  practical advice and help to get things back on track.   

£200 for locations within a 15 mile distance  of GL52 3PS.

Make an enquiry:

E-Mail: keith@cotswoldpetservices.co.uk

Telephone: 01242 375140

Keith's book The Fido Fax is available to buy on Amazon.  A practical book containing Canine Behaviour and Training Tips.