COVID Update for Puppy Classes (Foundation & Advanced)

Following the new 6 person rule now in force, for both Saturday Classes:

Social distancing rules need to be adhered to.  Only ONE person per puppy to attend.  Anyone attending the class does so at their own risk and if unwell would not be expected to attend.

This is to keep everyone safe at this time - Keep safe, Keith & Simon

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Gundog Training

Gundog Training

Training courses including small groups or individual tuition for shooting work, trials or tests.

Keith Fallon has a wealth of knowledge and experience in training working dogs for sport or competition.

Keith Fallon 2019

The Gundog Training in more detail:

  • Training for obedience in the field, including heelwork, Sit/Stay & Recall
  • Distance control, hunting and stopping
  • Retrieving and Finding (Lost, Seek)
  • Drop to shot where applicable
  • Steadiness to thrown objects and working around distractions
  • Specialised training can be accommodated such as for Spring Pointing or Working Tests
  • Working with the dummy launcher and cold game if required
  • Excellent training facilities including steadying areas, varied terrain and cover
  • All breeds and levels welcome

Training Methods:

  • Using our Common Sense style of training using positive reinforcement
  • Private  1 to 1
  • We do not use harsh methods and aim to produce well trained steady gundogs through patience, rewarding (praise & food) and gentle corrections
  • Training to the whistle