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Dog Walking Services


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Dog Walking Services

Introducing our dog walking services covering the Cheltenham,Winchcombe,Bishops Cleeve,Woodmancote,Greet,Gretton and surrounding areas.

Backed by a professional dog trainer and behaviourist we understand more than anyone the importance of exercise to a dog's overall health and well being. Excess energy and boredom can often lead to a variety of issues inlcuding barking,aggression and exciteability.

Our dog walking services offer:

  • Group exercise no more than 4 dogs at one time
  • Socialisation
  • Fun exercise course
  • 1 to 1 walks available
  • Puppy visits

Training & Exercise:

  • Why not combine your dog's exercise regime with some training? Take the opportunity to let us help you with any training problems such as recall,walk to heel, sit & stay or even livestock chasing!



  • Fully insured
  • Behaviour and dietary advice
  • Dog food and accessories from The Cotswold Pet Shop delivered free to your door                  


Group Walk of 1 hour duration  - £12

Training and Exercise - Quoted on an individual basis





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