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Obesity Awareness Week
With National Obesity Awareness Week (for humans) just around the corner, local raw dog food pioneer, Cotswold RAW is calling for pet owners to adopt the same healthier living mindset for their 4 legged friends, which is why there will be no delivery costs on any Januray trial pack orders – Cotswold RAW is a champion of top notch raw sausages, minces & all-natural dog treats     Cotswold Raw ..
Summer Family Training
Looking for something different for the children this summer? For the first time this year I'm running some Summer Family Dog Training Classes. Bring the children and the dog and refresh your dogs training, working on:   Walk to heel (try to stop the pulling!) Recall Sit, Stay, Down Fetch Tricks All sessions will take place at the Chedworth Farm Shop training field Chedworth has a full range of facilities including shop & dog friendly cafe. Great ice ..
Train & Save this Summer!
  Summer Offer - Train & Save!!   Book any dog training course in June,July or August 2017 and get 10% off in the Cotswold Pet Shop for 12 months! Course bookings apply to the Gloucestershire & Oxfordshire branches   * Offer excludes assessment sessions or singly purchased lessons. To qualify registration as a Costwold Pet Shop customer is required       ..
Cool your dog down quickly
Dogs can easily overheat in this weather and here is a simple trick to cool them down fast Some signs of your dog overheating or becoming dehydrated are: Excessive panting Gums appear grey Extreme dehydration can cause your dogs third eyelid to appear. Many owners don't realise their dogs have a third eyelid Simple fast cooling down: Soak large bath towels in cold water and wrap around your dog's stomach. Rehydration: If you can't get to your vet quickly try this ..
Extreme exercise with your dog
Try this simple technique with your dog for ultimate fitness! Here is a quick and easy way to get super fit with your dog. Most owners will walk their dogs varying distances, run with them or even cycle with their dog running alongside.Try this simple alternative to test how fit you are compared to your best friend! The idea is very simple:  With your dog off lead in their usual exercise area try your best to copy exactly what your dog is doing, stopping ,starting, runni..
Win NO TICK! dog shampoo
Enter our comeptition to win a 200 ML bottle of our new natural shampoo for dog ticks, fleas and mites NO TICK! is a natural alternative to the problem of dog ticks, fleas and mites. Containing bioflavanoids and grapefruit ​ NO TICK! Natural dog shampoo for Ticks & Fleas to be won!       ..
New natural solution to Ticks
Ticks, fleas and mites are every dog owners nightmare. Ticks in particular can be a problem when your dog has been running in areas where there may have been sheep or deer. Ticks can latch on to any area of your dog, burrow in and cause distress. What are ticks? Ticks are related to spiders, mites and scorpions. There are many different species of tick living in Britain, each preferring to feed on the blood of different animals. The one most likely to bite humans in Britain is the She..
Train your dog in 20 minutes
THE 20 MINUTE TRAINER E BOOK for Busy Dog Owners "...but I don't have hours to train a dog" A comment made frequently by dog owners who do not realise that they only need 20 minutes a day. Yes 20 minutes a day is all you need, and not all in one go.Everyone has little bits of time when they are doing nothing, just waiting for something else to happen. The 20 Minute Trainer explains in simple language how to find time to train your dog in the basic commands required for good dog oebed..
Too Bouncy!
Too Bouncy!
Too Bouncy! Is your dog over bouncy, over enthusiastic or lacking concentration? Then it could be his diet. These days there is so much choice when it comes to feeding your dog with different ideas of what is best. Raw, home cooked, vegetarian, high meat, working dog, grain free, heavily advertised brands ... The list is endless! Some of the training & behavioural problems I have observed over the years have been clearly linked to diet.  Here is my quick checklist of diet relat..
Don't Eat That!
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Don't Eat That!
Don't Eat That! Most dog-owners know that there are some things that, if consumed, could make their dog very sick - chocolate and cooked chicken bones to name a few. However, many also know someone who has had an expensive trip to the vet after their dog has eaten something they shouldn't.  Often the advice is just to watch carefully and the offending food or article will just need to work its way out of the dog's system - one way or it may be wise to take extra poo bags on ..