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Fallon's Dog Food Guide
A guide to choosing the correct Fallon’s food for your dog   "a good diet is the key to good training"    Keith Fallon - Master Dog Trainer & Canine Behaviourist     Fallons Puppy & Mature Range   Premium Puppy A high quality Premium Puppy food suitable for all breeds. Up to 6 months Features: 30% Protein (chicken & fish) Gluten Free Vitamins & Minerals Naturally Preserved Growth and good digestion ..
Happy Home For Christmas: Keeping It A Haven For Your Pet
Without precaution, Christmas time can cause problems at home for you and your pets. In the UK 5.5 million pet owners unknowingly feed their beloved pets toxic food at Christmas time alone. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to go about being festive during Christmas time while keeping your pet's safety and comfort in mind. Using pet-friendly Christmas products, while avoiding dangerous ones like tinsel, is also key in ensuring your pet's safety and happiness. And taking precautions for New Ye..
Your Pet, Your Allergy And You
Your Pet, Your Allergy And You Over 20% of the UK’s population is affected by an allergic condition, according to data presented by Allergy UK, and pet allergies are a common complaint. For those of us affected, an allergic reaction is produced when the immune system reacts to proteins in an animal’s urine, saliva or skin cells (known as dander). When so many of us want to keep a pet for companionship, health and happiness, how can we navigate our circumstances if the thing we’re allergic to ..
What’s The Best Flea Treatment For My Hound?
What’s The Best Flea Treatment For My Hound? Fighting fleas on your pet pooch is a crucial role for any dog owner. In just 21 days, one flea can become 1,000 fleas, according to Health24. Therefore, it’s easy to see how a flea infestation can quickly take hold. One of the most common symptoms a dog with fleas will experience is scratching. And, while your dog can be trained to fight the itch, you should always utilise an effective flea treatment to keep the fleas away for good. Topical tre..
Pet Ownership Brings Life, Health, and Happiness
Pet Ownership Brings Life, Health, and Happiness Thirty-nine percent of people in London choose to have a pet for companionship despite living the most populated city in the UK. No matter if you choose to have a dog, cat, bird, fish, turtle, or any other pet, they make a home in our hearts and become a part of the family. Companionship is one aspect of the relationship between a person and their pet, while other benefits include responsibility and sociability. Studies have  shown that ox..
Dog Olympics!
Dog Olympics!
Following the success of our fun agility summer sessions on Thursday we are please to announce that we are continuing this and adding Sundays too! Dog Olympics as we call it is designed to be fun! So far dogs and owners have been having fun with a tunnel, some weaves , jumps and various added exercises such as "wait/stay" and retrieving. We plan to add in more as we go along , more equipment , more training exercises, retrieving and so on. Simon Johnson our trainee will be continuing to ru..
Safeguarding Your Home And Your Dog From Fire
Safeguarding Your Home And Your Dog From Fire There was a 3% increase in the number of fire related incidents fire crews attended in England between March 2017 and March 2018, compared to the previous year. It’s not uncommon for dogs to be the cause of a fire, with well-publicised cases detailing how pet pooches have jumped up on cookers and switched them on. Therefore, it’s essential that the nation’s 8.9 million pet dogs are trained to behave sensibly in the home in order to safeguard both ..
How Humans Have Given Dogs The Ability To Think In Ways No Other
How Humans Have Given Dogs The Ability To Think In Ways No Other Animal Can It’s not an exaggeration to say that dogs, likely the first animal to ever be domesticated, have more in common mentally with us than even non-human primates. Thousands of years of cohabiting have given dogs higher levels of object permanence than most animals. Their ability to communicate includes human created words, gestures, and social actions. And some research even suggests dogs have theory of mind, or the abili..
Camping with Canines
Camping With Canines Around 6.5 million of us have a canine friend in the family, and when it comes to going on holiday we often have to leave our favourite furry companion in kennels or with a trusted loved one. Going on camping trips is a great way around this so that your best friend is involved too. Taking your dog camping with you will go smoother if they are well trained and trusted to behave in an open environment with lots of new people and smells. Gearing Up You need to make su..
What to Do when Your Dog is Overweight?
What to Do when Your Dog is Overweight? Britain is already being touted as the most obese nation in Western Europe, and a new study by leading canine nutrition expert, Simon Booth, suggests our dogs aren’t doing any better. Booth’s research has found that around 15% of owners overfeed their dogs, and that one in three dogs in the UK is overweight or obese. We love our pooches and want to make them happy with snacks and treats, yet obesity can take a huge toll on canine health, making it impos..