Camping with Canines
Camping With Canines Around 6.5 million of us have a canine friend in the family, and when it comes to going on holiday we often have to leave our favourite furry companion in kennels or with a trusted loved one. Going on camping trips is a great way around this so that your best friend is involved too. Taking your dog camping with you will go smoother if they are well trained and trusted to behave in an open environment with lots of new people and smells. Gearing Up You need to make su..
What to Do when Your Dog is Overweight?
What to Do when Your Dog is Overweight? Britain is already being touted as the most obese nation in Western Europe, and a new study by leading canine nutrition expert, Simon Booth, suggests our dogs aren’t doing any better. Booth’s research has found that around 15% of owners overfeed their dogs, and that one in three dogs in the UK is overweight or obese. We love our pooches and want to make them happy with snacks and treats, yet obesity can take a huge toll on canine health, making it impos..
Know your ingredients! You may have looked at our dog food ingredients and thought why would anyone include this within dog food? However, all ingredients within serve a purpose, and are not just thrown in for the sake of it, or to be used as a 'filler'. Each ingredient is carefully selected to make sure every bite the dog takes is delicious, beneficial and healthy.  Listed below are the most asked about ingredients, and a little information as to why they are included ..
Summer Family Dog Training & Fun Agility
Summer Training for children and their dogs 2018 If you're looking for something a little different this summer to keep your children (and the dog ) occupied, book in for our Summer training & fun agility sessions. Aimed at getting children involved with their dogs more Fun agility course Basic dog obedience £40 for 4 x1 hour sessions every Thursday at 12pm starting August 2nd Venue is Chedworth Farm Shop, Fields road , Chedworth . GL54 4NQ Dog friendly cafe  ..
DogFest Bristol 2018
Simon Johnson trainee trainer was representing Cotswold Pet at DogFest Bristol helping in the Guild of Dog Trainers agility ring. It was a really busy day and hot! Simon reports it was thoroughly enjoyable and I'm sure he learned a lot too!     The Guild of Dog Trainers   ..
Latest Training News I'm just working with Millie the Doberman and her owner towards the BH test.  The BH test is a temperament and obedience test encompassing both an obedience routine to ensure dogs are of sound temperament before continuing on to other tests. There is also a written test for this . The obedience routine includes off and on lead heelwork, drop down on command, extended stays/waits  retreiving and steadiness around people and other distractions.  ..
Why training your dog is important
Why training your dog is more important than ever - by Keith Fallon Master Trainer & Behaviourist Owning a dog is a pleasure or should be a pleasure. It has been proved to be beneficial for health and happiness and the thought of a loyal companion accompanying you on long country walks or playing excitedly with other dogs is what most dog owners have in mind. People own dogs for many reasons;companionship, a hobby, exercise, competitions, to look good even!  However sometimes thin..
Dog training at Chedworth Farm Shop
     Keith Fallon - Master Trainer (Guild of Dog Trainers) & Behaviourist (CFBA)                 Since early 2017 our dog training has been based at Chedworth Farm Shop Chedworth, a fifth generation farm set in the heart of the Cotswolds. The facilities we have include: Large outdoor training fields with access to woodland Cafe offering homemade cakes and ice cream Farm shop selling local meat and prod..
Obesity Awareness Week
With National Obesity Awareness Week (for humans) just around the corner, local raw dog food pioneer, Cotswold RAW is calling for pet owners to adopt the same healthier living mindset for their 4 legged friends, which is why there will be no delivery costs on any Januray trial pack orders – Cotswold RAW is a champion of top notch raw sausages, minces & all-natural dog treats     Cotswold Raw ..
Cool your dog down quickly
Dogs can easily overheat in this weather and here is a simple trick to cool them down fast Some signs of your dog overheating or becoming dehydrated are: Excessive panting Gums appear grey Extreme dehydration can cause your dogs third eyelid to appear. Many owners don't realise their dogs have a third eyelid Simple fast cooling down: Soak large bath towels in cold water and wrap around your dog's stomach. Rehydration: If you can't get to your vet quickly try this ..