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Common Sense Dog Training System

The Cotswold Pet  Common Sense system is a combination of training techniques which we’ve found to be most effective over years of training dogs. There are numerous ways to train a dog and many methods and techniques available to the modern dog owner, including internet dog forums offering advice, YouTube videos, dvds and books.  Similarly, pet stores now seem to have a bewildering range of products that you MUST to have to be a good dog owner, a massive range of different food, treats, toys and even clothing.

Sadly, for the dog owner this can lead to a great deal of confusion as to “which method should I use?”, “am I doing it right?”, “I need all these products to train my dog”, “my friend knows about dogs and they say to do it this way…”.

We believe in keeping things simple at Cotswold Pet, your dog is simply that, a dog and his needs and training don’t have to be complicated. A good diet that suits him, simple consistent training, an owner that can understand a little of what he is trying to say, knowing who’s the boss (leadership) and plenty of exercise, fun and games with his owners are usually all he needs.

For the increasingly time poor modern dog owner dog boarders and walkers are now common and can be useful if selected carefully and given instructions.

Why not ask your walker or boarder to reinforce your training and behaviour?

Of course problems can occur and despite the owner’s best efforts things can go wrong.

Some dogs can have strong hunting instincts or the desire to chase. Others can be nervous or aggressive.

Our mission:

“To produce well trained, well behaved dogs to be a source of pleasure to their owners”

The Common Sense system takes a balanced or holistic approach to dog training combining:

  • Home Life. Correct diet, best behavioural practices, leadership by the owner.
  • Understanding. Help owners to understand what their dog is saying to them.
  • Training. We use a positive system of training but with gentle corrections where necessary.
  • Proofing. Once taught, commands need to be “proofed” or re-taught in different location and situations.
  • Exercise and mental stimulation. Dogs need a “job” playing games like fetch and enough exercise for their breed type.
  • Practice. At least 20 minutes a day of practice is usually all that an owner needs to reinforce the training.


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