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Train your dog in 20 minutes

Train your dog in 20 minutes

THE 20 MINUTE TRAINER E BOOK for Busy Dog Owners

"...but I don't have hours to train a dog"

A comment made frequently by dog owners who do not realise that they only need 20 minutes a day.

Yes 20 minutes a day is all you need, and not all in one go.Everyone has little bits of time when they are doing nothing, just waiting for something else to happen.

The 20 Minute Trainer explains in simple language how to find time to train your dog in the basic commands required for good dog oebedience.

Basic commands and technique, treating, correcting your dog and the use of a unique steps technique are all explained in this simple e-book

"I designed this simple program after running many dog training classes and private lessons and finding progress slow due to lack of practice between lessons"

Designed with the modern, time poor dog owner in mind who cannot for many reasons attend regular dog training classes due to the pressures of modern life.

"Follow this program for three weeks and try to keep a diary of where you started and where you are at the end. You may be surprised!"

Keith Fallon, The Doggy Coach. Master Trainer & Canine Behaviourist