Gundog Training Cotswolds, Cheltenham & Gloucester

Our Gundog training courses are tailored to suit each client and their dog. An initial assessment will determine the course requirements and likely length. The courses aim to produce a well balanced dog.We have a wide variety of terrain including exclusive access to over 300 acres to enable us to simulate most situations. We now have a large steadying pen including pheasants and water training.

Covering Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Wiltshire, Herefordshire and Oxfordshire.

Keith has trained many dogs over the years for a variety of purposes, field trials, fun scurries, beating and picking up or just for good general obedience.

Note: We only practice gentle, positive methods in our training. No picking up by the scruff, shouting, ear tweaking or other outdated methods!

Course Features

  • Our own training grounds offering a mixture of environments (300 acres)
  • Easy paced courses customised to your aims/goals whether it be beating, picking up or trials
  • Courses start with basic obedience through to readiness for shooting/trials
  • Specific gundog nutrition advice and products
  • Beginner Courses and "have a go" sessions available

For more information, please call Keith Fallon on 0844 414 8295

Monthly payments available via Direct Debit on all training courses. Please get in touch for more information.